I sprouted and bloomed in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, with a deep yearning for dirt beneath bare feet, salt water skin, and adventure howling through my soul. My golden summers were spent splashing on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay with my sisters and cousins, which instilled in me an intuitive love for water, a wavy horizon, and the natural world.  My curiosity has flung me far and wide, from riding camels through the Moroccan Sahara, to backpacking the raw wilderness of Patagonia, to surfing Nicaraguan waves at sunrise. I nurture my connection to nature through hiking, skiing, surfing, sailing, and reading under trees. I trekked west two years ago with my boyfriend, Sam, and we now live amid the dramatic beauty of the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

I am rooted in my belief that a simple life is a better life. A simple life is a peaceful, slow, and sweet life. It permits us the space to honor what truly matters. For me that includes family, community, the environment, and curiosity. I believe that we protect what we feel a connection to, and I strive to help people discover a relationship with the environment and kindle a spirit of sustainability.

Be curious, be wild, be kind,

Brooke Reynolds