The Great Divide

America is an esteemed and noble nation, filled with a splendid variety of unique citizens all sharing a love for this homeland. Yet now, more than ever, there is something bitter in the air of our country that I can’t quite name, but that I am confronted with daily. It comes in on a breeze … More The Great Divide

Beyond the Tag

Throughout my life, most people have not regarded me as fashionable. To me, fashion has always been about more than runways and trends that go in and out faster than your wallet can keep up. I’ve always thought of fashion as a way to express myself, whether that makes me cool or uncool, or somewhere … More Beyond the Tag


Blacksburg in autumn is the stuff of myths. The crisp Virginia air crackles souls into awakening. The cerulean sky is a backdrop for the vibrant maroon, orange, and yellow leaves that dance off branches into the breeze. Backpack-clad students meander across the Virginia Tech Drillfield, encircled by scholarly, limestone buildings. To this day, the slightest … More THE DAHLIA MAN

For You, Sweet Baby

Dear Rhett, This is for you, sweet baby, because I want the world at your feet to be a better world. You came into the world early, reminding us that life doesn’t always follow our plans. In fact, it rarely does. While you were being born, I was traveling in Nicaragua, stuck in a crummy … More For You, Sweet Baby